Beekeeper Data Shutting Down on August 31st 2017

By Matthew Rathbone on June 19, 2017

It is with great sadness that I announce the shut down of all Beekeeper Data services on August 31st 2017.

If you have any important queries, dashboards, or reports in Beekeeper please know that they will not be accessible as of August 31st.

I started Beekeeper to scratch a personal itch – being able to simply and effectively extract meaningful data from a variety of datastores using SQL. No silly query user interfaces, just SQL.

While our product achieved this goal, so did many others. Some of these products were open source, eroding the low end of our target market, some were enterprise products, eroding the top end of our target market. Now we find ourselves in a market saturated with great products, and with a dwindling bank account.

For many of you, our product has become a valuable part of your businesses. It has been your success that has pushed us forwards over the last few years. Unfortunately there were too few success stories for us to continue.

To all of you - thanks for being Beekeeper customers, advocates, and friends, and if you need any help moving your data out of Beekeeper Data, please let me know. matthew (at) beekeeperdata dot com.

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