Introducing Scheduled Jobs. Run SQL On A Schedule, Sync To Email Or Google Sheets

By Matthew Rathbone on February 28, 2017

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Previously if you wanted to collect data from your database on a regular basis you’d need to set up a manual system using Cron. If you wanted the data to sync to email or a spreadsheet, you’d also have to write a small script.

I’ve faced this issue myself many times, and ended up with a mess of crontab entries or a whole suite of Heroku Scheduler tasks that are impossible to maintain.

The Solution: Scheduled Jobs

Beekeeper’s Scheduled jobs let you write a SQL query and run it every day, week, month, or anywhere in between. As a bonus, Beekeeper allows you to send the output of that query to either an email or a Google Sheet.

Useful Things to do With Scheduled Jobs

Automatically Updating Spreadsheets

If you have a Google Sheet full of useful business information that needs updating regularly that information can be updated automatically by Beekeeper in the background. Some initial users populate multiple sheets with multiple jobs from multiple databases. Without Beekeeper this whole workflow is a manual mess.

Error Monitoring

Beekeeper will only send query results to an email or spreadsheet if there is at least one record. This makes it a great way to monitor for error conditions or other problems present in your database. Simply set up a suite of scheduled jobs to identify errors, and you’ll only get emails when something goes wrong.

Simple Product Reporting

If you’re launching a new product and just want to get some quick and dirty metrics sent to the product manager on a daily basis then this is the quickest and easiest way to deliver them. Take what you learn here and move it to a real email report or dashboard.

Basic Customer Reporting

If you have a customer or partner that needs a dump of data on a regular basis you can use Beekeeper to send it to them. While this isn’t as nice as a proper emailed-report, if someone just needs a CSV this is the easiest way to provide it.

Free and Available Now

Scheduled Jobs are currently free to all users of Beekeeper. Simply log in to the Beekeeper app to set one up. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

Still Writing SQL in a Terminal?

Beekeeper is a free and full featured SQL IDE with query autocomplete, error detection, dataset previews, and result visualization. We support SparkSQL, Hive, Postgres and more!

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