Announcing Business Intelligence and Analytics for Heroku

By Matthew Rathbone on February 07, 2017

Got a Heroku App? Meet Your New Best Friend

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Beekeeper Data Heroku Add-on. Created with the data needs of Heroku users in mind, Beekeeper is a full-featured Business Intelligence solution for hosted web applications.

Features include a kick-ass SQL workbench, visual data dashboarding, business-user reports, and email delivered analytics.

What I’m saying is that Beekeeper has your (data) bases covered. Because we’re an official Heroku add-on partner, you can get started in just one click.


SQL Workbench for Quickly Writing Queries

Enjoy writing SQL again with our top knotch SQL workbench. The Workbench offers autocomplete, result previews, dataset previews, and straightforward organization and sharing to ensure you can easily write and share queries.

Business User Reports

Business users can get the data they need by running reports themselves, instead of asking a developer each time.

A business user doesn’t need to know SQL and gets a friendly, streamlined view of the Beekeeper app. To set up a self-service report, write SQL (as normal), then add parameters, such as start date, end date, or geographic location.

Beekeeper will automagically turn these parameters into a user friendly form that you can share with your business buddies.

“With Beekeeper, our business users have direct access to critical data, and our IT department spends less time writing reports, it’s a win-win.” - Eric Martell, CEO, EatStreet


Need to visualize key metrics? Dashboards are a great answer. In a Beekeeper dashboard each chart is a SQL query, so they’re quick and intuitive to build. Plus there are attractive chart and graph options to choose from.

Email Reports

Some folks (like executives) have a great need for metrics but no time to log into yet another system to find them. With Beekeeper you can share metrics via email.

Emailed reports can include visualizations right in the email. Plus with our 21st century take on mail-merge these reports can scale to thousands of unique recipients.

How to Get Started

To get started with Beekeeper for Heroku, simply install the add-on for free.

Still Writing SQL in a Terminal?

Beekeeper is a free and full featured SQL IDE with query autocomplete, error detection, dataset previews, and result visualization. We support SparkSQL, Hive, Postgres and more!

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