Release 7.0.0

By Lucas Gray on December 06, 2016


Self Service Reports Overhaul

Self Service Reports have been given a visual makeover and the process of building a report has been greatly streamlined and simplified.

  • Iterate on the query using Beekeeper’s Query Workbench
  • Organize your Self Service Reports into Binders
  • “Run the Report” now takes you to a new revamped results screen, with a fast sortable/filterable table, options to download, and re-run

Style Updates

  • New color theme
  • Many small style updates
  • Revamped nav/sub-nav per section
  • Search for reports in the top nav
  • Revamped Datastores UI
  • Revamped Company and User Settings UI
  • Updated Homepage

Business User/Developer Split

You can now have business users/developer users with different personalization levels.

  • Developers can see SQL and more edit options
  • Business users just see what they need

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