Release 6.0.0

By Beekeeper Staff on August 15, 2016


New Features

Excel Spreadsheets as Attachments

Excel spreadsheets can now be added to the bottom of reports. A spreadsheet can have one or many worksheets, each with their own query.

Bug Fixes

Date Format Consistency

Date formats chosen from the dropdown are now correctly using the day in the month instead of the day in the year (out of 365).

Query Editor Transitions

A query no longer appears to already be running when transitioning from one workbench query to another.

Legend Titles

Legend titles are now formatted the same way as the column names return from the query. Strings with white space can be used as titles in Hive by putting backticks (`) around the string.

Deleting KPI Grid Elements

KPI grid elements occasionally had orphaned records when the page was closed quickly after deleting them. These records should be fixed, and deleting grids should behave correctly.

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