Cats vs. Dogs: A Belated International Cat Day Debate

By Leigh Gray on August 09, 2016

cat and dog

Exhibit A: Leigh’s cat hard at work, Neil’s dog lounging poolside

Inspired by Research at Facebook

We got a huge kick out of Research at Facebook’s post “Cat People, Dog People” in honor of International Cat Day yesterday. If you missed it, be sure to go check it out and see if your preference of cat or dog lines up with what they noticed in aggregated Facebook data.

After seeing where I fell within Research at Facebook’s findings, I had to bug the rest of the Beekeeper team for their pet partiality. We’re a remote team, so random topics are our virtual water cooler - this seemed like an opportunity for some teambuilding, right? I received a few stronger opinions (and more emoticon reactions in Slack*) than I bargained for.

Beekeeper’s Results

Not only did I want to know where everyone stood now, I wanted to know if their childhood pet had an affect on their preference today. My dad and grandfather are both veterinarians, and I grew up in a small zoo of numerous pets and three younger siblings - one of whom has 4 cats and 2 dogs. My current household has a cat, a bearded dragon, and 4 chickens. So there’s my anecdotal evidence for thinking there may be a relationship.

The Dogs Have It

  • All six members of the Beekeeper team grew up with dogs.**
  • As adults, three identify as dog people, two identify as cat people, and one person as both.
  • BUT, as adults, only one of those dog people has a dog. Of the two left, one doesn’t have a pet, and the other one has two cats.

The reason he cited? While he probably likes dogs more, cats are more convenient.

So I’m left to conclude that the majority of the Beekeeper team may be in favor of dogs, but for one main reason. Nostalgia.

Cast Your Vote

Want to weigh in? Drop by Beekeeper on Twitter to let your voice be heard.

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This post was authored by an unapologetic cat person who, in keeping with Research at Facebook’s findings, has a low friend count on Facebook, didn’t date until college, spends a lot of time reading and watching scifi, and hearts Terminator.

*There are 9 cat emoticons in Slack, 10 if you count the very basic one, but only 1 dog emoticon. Obviously cats have the broader emotional range.

**Our sales intern, Ashley was out, so we’ll have to get her thoughts on this later. I’m confident she’s a cat person.

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