Release 5.0.0

By Beekeeper Staff on July 15, 2016


New Features

SSL for Database Connection

Beekeeper now supports SSL encryption for all traffic to and from your database for all supported database vendors.


Google BigQuery Warehouse Support

Beekeeper now supports Google BigQuery as a warehouse source and allows for custom UDFs.

Google BigQuery

Performance Updates

Using the nav bar to navigate between pages should see extreme performance improvements.

App Homepage Update

The app homepage has been updated - now it lists email reports and has quick links to more relevant sections.


Deleting Recipient Groups

Recipient groups can now be deleted from the recipient groups list page.

recipient groups

Images in Text Elements

Text elements now support embedding images from a URI.

text elements

Bug Fixes

Improved Merge Tag Errors

Running a report with invalid merge tag usage now returns error messages related to the invalid merge tags.

Run Now with Errors

Running a report with errors from the confirm page no longer causes large error messages to appear behind the rest of the app.

Autocomplete for Merge Tag No Longer Chops Off 2 Characters

There was an error where selecting a merge tag would insert it improperly, this has been fixed.

Live Group Variable Case Sensitivity Issues Fixed

There was an error where live group variables would be lowercased, causing them not to match resultsets that had any uppercase letters. This has been fixed.

Loading Spinner Updates

The loading spinners should be more responsive and consistent throughout the app.

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