Release 4.0.0

By Beekeeper Staff on June 15, 2016


Report Building

CSV Attachments

We’ve added a new section to the email report, where you can add CSV attachments powered by their own queries. This is to enrich your reports with extra data that might not work with your visualizations.

download CSV

There is now an option under report configuration to remove the Beekeeper footer from your email reports. Simply uncheck the box marked “show footer.”

removable footer

Text Element Title Background Color

Added configuration to edit the title bar’s background color for text elements.

Report Duplication

(Beta) Reports can now be duplicated from the email reports list page. The duplicate option is in the dropdown under View History.


Query Error Handling

Running a preview of a report with an invalid query will now display a detailed query error message instead of the default message.

report preview

Report History


Added a button to transition from the report history page back to the email reports list page.

Bug Fixes

Table Styles

Fixed a bug that was causing tables to look squished together.

Test Recipients

Fixed a bug where test recipients were contributing to recipient counts throughout the app.

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