Release 3.0.0

By Beekeeper Staff on May 15, 2016


NOTE: This release includes an upgrade of our H2 metadata database. If your Beekeeper install uses H2, please make sure you back up the database, shut Beekeeper off before upgrading, and make sure your Beekeeper upgrade completes successfully before deleting the backup.


Beekeeper Analytics

Beekeeper has launched our report archive, where email recipients can view past emails sent to them by Beekeeper. This begins our push for an embedded analytics platform. Contact us for more information on how to embed our report archive into your application.

report archive

MongoDB Support

Beekeeper can now connect to Mongo databases.

Report Building

Click-Through Targets

Click-through links can now be added to report elements. These appear below the title bar.

click-through targets

Open Tracking

Report Run Details - Dropped Emails

Dropped and bounced emails are both now recorded as bounced emails.

Bug Fixes

Recipient Groups

Fixed a bug where saving a recipient group did not transition back to the recipient group show page.

Live Recipient Groups

The live recipient group query editor will now automatically select your first database when opened. Also fixed a bug where recipient groups could not be set to live when creating them for the first time.

Email Templates

Fixed a bug where description HTML was rendering despite elements having no descriptions.

Email Config

Fixed a bug where emails were mixing the ‘from name’ and ‘from email’ fields.

Query Workbench

Fixed a bug where Query List Page and Workbench would no longer load.

Visual Report Builder

Fixed a bug that prevented styles from being applied in the data tab of the email report config.

External API

Added the ability to search for deliveries by time frame and capped the maximum results to improve stability.

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