Release 2.0.0

By Beekeeper Staff on April 15, 2016



Transactional & Painless Email Delivery

Emails are now sent via Beekeeper in conjunction with a robust transactional email platform, instead of a local SMTP server. This will allow Beekeeper to ensure delivery and track bounce/spam/open events, while providing greater ease of use.

weekly report

Cloud API Portal

Beekeeper has officially launched an API portal to obtain email html and metadata to power third party applications. If you’re interested, you may request an API key to use the service.

API view 1

API view 2

Microsoft Access Support

Beekeeper can now connect to Microsoft Access databases. This also comes with improvements to the workflow of adding a new datastore.

new datastore


Email Reports List Style Updates

The email reports list page now has an improved layout, with more detailed information on recipients, latest runs, and merge tags.

report landing

Recipients from a Query

Recipient groups can now be populated from a query. The query can either run to make the recipients in one click, or run when the report runs, allowing for conditionally scheduled reports. This comes with style improvements to recipient groups and recipients.

live recipient groups

Reordering Elements

Report elements can now be reordered by dragging and dropping them. Hurray!

Query Workbench


Typing in the query text field will now display autocomplete options for SQL commands and your currently selected database. It works with table aliasing too!

Reset Changes

Queries can now be reset to the latest saved version of the query by pressing the “reset changes” button.

Query Run Details

There is now a link in the bottom pane of the query editor to view more details about a query run, including visualizations.

Report Building

Text Element

Reports can now include text elements, built using our rich text WYSIWYG editor.

Merge Tags in Text Fields

Merge tags can now be added to text-based fields other than the query. By typing, ‘{{‘, you will see a list of available merge tags in that field. These will be substituted by their recipient value when the report is sent out.

Open Tracking

Report Run Details

Report history is now detailed with robust open tracking, delivery status, and more. Report details now include percentages delivered, opened, bounced, and marked as spam. Each individual recipient can be viewed with similar details.

Bug Fixes

Logging In

Fixed a bug where authentication would fail with no explanation when an incorrect password was used. Also fixed a bug where users were redirected to /appconfigs/new despite having already completed configuration.

Email Sending

Reports were sometimes erroneously being delivered to only the first recipient. Sending reports to multiple recipients should work as expected once again.


Fixed a bug where pushing the back button while viewing a modal would result in a black screen.

Element Editor Persistence

Fixed a bug where the element editor (right hand pane in the Data tab of the report builder) would persist across reports, causing ghost edits of the wrong element.

Legend Lines

The legend lines table is now two columns, as intended.

Date Formatting

Added common date formatting options to make the date formatting for reports more clear.

Return to Report

Fixed a bug where the return to report button on the recipient groups and themes pages would erroneously transition back instead of to the last report editing page.

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