5 Free Visualization Tools To Help Understand Your Big Data

By Beekeeper Staff on January 05, 2016

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When looking through reams of raw data, it can be difficult to glean any useful information. Visualization tools help you get a clearer picture of the data you’re working with, and make better decisions with the results. Here are five free visualization tools for big data.

Timeline JS

Timeline JS is an open-source timeline tool. It lets you create beautiful, interactive timelines without knowing any code. You can build impressive timelines with simple data sources like a spreadsheet. Advanced users can build more complex projects using methods like JSON. Organizations using Timeline JS include The Denver Post, Radiolab, Le Monde, and Time Magazine.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a well-known visualization tool which produces graphs, charts, and maps. Completely free, it comes with a robust gallery which gives you an idea of the types of visualizations (the company calls them “vizzes”) you can create. While Tableau Public is free, it does require that the visualizations you create be public. There is a paid version which eliminates the Tableau-branded footer and allows for private visualizations. The free version comes with 10GB of storage and works with Microsoft Access, Excel, web data connectors, statistical files, and a variety of text file formats.


Created for developers, D3.js generates gorgeous diagrams and charts quickly. A free, open-source program, it comes with a gallery of charts that give developers a good idea of what is possible. It combines the power of SVG, HTML, and CSS to build beautiful graphics, and is jam-packed with a myriad of features.


Also for developers, Chart.js is an open-source library that provides only six different types of charts. They include radar, bar, polar, line, donut, and pie charts. While this may seem a thin offering, for many projects these are the only charts a developer may need. The charts are also responsive, adjusting to browser size from your smartphone to your desktop.


Raw is a web app that taps the power of the D3.js library mentioned above. You can build stunning, vector-based visualizations with an easy to use interface. An open-source project, it is free to download, and users can contribute to the code base. It was originally created so web designers could make visualizations in either raster or vector formats that they could embed in their web pages. As such, there are no line charts, histograms, or pie charts.

Want More Out of Your Data?

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