8 Ways To Improve Customer Experience For Your Digital Business

By Beekeeper Staff on November 30, 2015

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Although it is vital for a business to always be attracting new customers, it is equally important to make sure old customers remain loyal.Yet despite being such a simple thing to improve upon, this second goal is rarely the focus of business strategies. No matter if a business is B2B or B2C, the customer experience is always going to be key to keeping clients. Below is a list of the top 8 ways to improve the experience of customers and to retain more of them.

Communication Is Key

In order to create the ideal customer experience, a business must understand what its patrons are looking for. This does not mean spamming customers with newsletters and questionnaires bur rather by being approachable. Simple things make a big difference like making sure the Contact Us section of the website is fully functional, and sending quick response to questions or concerns, even if the response is we’re looking into it!.

There are many ways to facilitate communication between businesses and customers. Some experts encourage B2B companies to offer brief customer surveys or simple feedback bars. Reporting customer satisfaction can also be enhanced by gathering comments and concerns on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Find A Sweet Spot

Of course every business would like to have all the customers in the world, but in order to ensure a high-quality experience a company must realize it cannot woo everyone. Instead, focus on a niche. Use webpage-tracking SaaS products to find popular use cases and optimize those conversion channels.

Knowing who the customers are can enable a focused marketing strategy to reach the audience most likely to be interested. Moreover, being specific and sincere will help to improve customer loyalty. Remember the most important thing is to connect with the target market.

Deliver What Is Promised

Customers select businesses first and foremost because of the products or services being offered. Failure to live up to expectations will result in both new and old customers walking away- right into the arms of competitors. Whatever a business purports to offer should be delivered fully and consistently. More than any pretty website or communication procedure, customers want a product to be as unique and effective as advertised.

Find Out What Went Wrong

One of the greatest ways to retain customers is to understand why old customers have left, and what drew them to another business. This can be easily done by asking current customers what they wish to see improved or to ask canceling customers why they chose to leave.

It sounds obvious, but talking with clients can provide really great insights into what people like and don’t like as well as information about any flaws that a business may have. Chances are that person isn’t the only one to encounter such problems. Understanding this and making the necessary alterations can go a long way towards improving the experience of customers and keeping them loyal for years

Get Creative

No customer will feel loyalty to a company that is the same as every other business. Furthermore, no one likes a boring product. Use creative approaches to draw in customers and keep them coming back again and again (fun sells!). Enhance websites and communications with high definition images, interesting or funny videos, maps, graphs, GIFs – anything at all to keep users entertained. A customer will be more likely to patronize a business that leaves a lasting, positive impression in their minds, even if those reasons are secondary to your product value.

Keep It Simple

Along with being eye catching, products should be simple and easy to use. A great deal of reporting has shown that customers are more likely to enjoy shopping from businesses that present information in an easily digestible manner. If you are a website, this may mean including catchy headlines, lists and bullet points, emphatic text (bold, CAPITALS, colors, etc.), or even something as simple as short paragraphs.

Don’t Be Evil

Every business is bound to make a mistake at some point in time. But how the error is dealt with can make a huge difference in a company’s reputation. Of course the best solution would be to avoid such fumbles but in the event a mistake is made, confess to the error promptly and sincerely. Moreover, bring the public’s attention to the changes being made to correct the failure. And be sure to actually follow through!

If you aren’t prompt and sincere it may seem like you took actions deliberately, which can make you look like the bad guy. A manager or CEO should apologize for any mishap and, if necessary, help the people affected. A useful adage in the PR world is ‘it is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters’.

Make It Work

A lot of older B2B managers don’t realize how important digital functionality is to the overall customer experience. Research has shown that 57% of customers won’t recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile version of the website. As more and more customers browse on phones and tablets, getting a site to reconfigure for a smaller screen is essential to 21st century marketing.

Much of what ruins digital customer relations are little things that are very simple to correct, they just need to be caught in time. For instance, making sure all of the links on a webpage work and take the viewer to wherever they are supposed to. Also, make sure the webpage loads quickly. Beautiful images and graphics are great additions to a page but if they take too long to load, customers are going to get fed up and leave no matter how wonderful the page may look. A good way to speed up the loading time is to limit the number of ads on each page if ads are your thing.

Wrap Up

Improving customer experience is not rocket science but it does require consistent care and attention. Many businesses lose customers through misunderstandings or negligence. By staying vigilant to customer relations, a company can not only survive by thrive.

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