Announcing the Availability of Beekeeper Data's Reporting Platform

By Matthew Rathbone on November 10, 2015

I’m happy to announce that our reporting platform is now available to the general public. Beekeeper lets you send data reports via email, sort of how MailChimp lets you send newsletters.

Who needs Beekeeper Data?

If you are a B2B business you probably need Beekeeper – we can help you share that data with your customers in an useful, automated way. We’ve found that communication of data can help with customer satisfaction and long term value and email is a particularly good medium (everyone has email!).

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Check out these gorgeous report examples in our report gallery to see what Beekeeper can do.

Making reports is easy and intuitive in our email report builder. Our goal is to make reporting as easy as sending a customer newsletter and our visual builder is the first part of that. If you know your way around SQL you can build gorgeous reports without fiddling with pointless details – Beekeeper will just make it look awesome.

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Getting Beekeeper

You can install and try Beekeeper for free, although feel free to browse our features or read our documentation if you want to learn more.

The Road to Release

Beekeeper is inspired by an internal piece of software I built while working at Foursquare, there are some screenshots in this meetup presentation from 2011 (scroll down to about half way).

It’s been two years since I started working on Beekeeper, and my mission to make data accessible to as many people as possible is still at the front of my mind. In that time the product has grown from an internal query tool for Hadoop to a full-fledged reporting engine for a wide range of databases. We’re better positioned than ever to bring data to every business.

Like many good start-up stories it was our customers who pushed us to redefine what our product could accomplish. If you want to help us redefine what reporting looks like in the 21st century then please feel free to say hi, or try Beekeeper for yourself

Next Steps

We will release features on a regular schedule, so expect to see a slew of updates show up in the next few months. Our goal is to be really transparent about what you can and cannot do with our platform, so stay tuned for plenty of details.

Official Press Release

You can find a copy of our press release on PRNewswire.

Still Writing SQL in a Terminal?

Beekeeper is a free and full featured SQL IDE with query autocomplete, error detection, dataset previews, and result visualization. We support SparkSQL, Hive, Postgres and more!

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