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Supported Databases:   MySQL Postgres Spark SQL SQL Server Apache Hive Amazon Redshift BigQuery

How It Works

Connect Your Datastore
1. Connect your database

Beekeeeper connects to your database over a secure, encrypted channel

Query Workbench
2. Write queries

Write SQL speedily with our query workbench, plus save them for later or share with your team

Running a report
3. Create reports

Add parameters like date and region to your query to generate a business user interface

Email Report
4. Share reports

Share links, binders, embeddable code, or emails with team members or customers

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Beekeeper handles your reporting needs with 4 key features – the query workbench, dashboards, self-service reports, and email reports.

Collaborative SQL Workbench

Write and edit queries in our feature-rich query workbench for any database query language, then save your queries for later.


Create queries faster with code autocompletion and syntax highlighting

Result Previews

Visualize, manipulate, and filter result sets right in your browser

Query Workbench automation, result previews, dataset previews, query repo
Dataset Previews

Inspect table information and preview sample records without leaving the workbench

Store & Share

By sharing useful queries with team members you can build a central repository of queries that will save everyone time

Dashboards for Quick Insights

Create dashboards so anyone can have easy access to quick insights from your data.

SQL query for dashboard
Simple to Build

Each chart is just SQL, so you can have a dashboard up and running in no time.

Chart types list
A Variety of Gorgeous Charts

Which chart type is best for your data? Choose from a number of options.

Dashboard view of business users
Share with Business Users

Business users will enjoy the insights-at-a-glance that dashboards provide.

Self-Service Reports for Business Users

Business users can run reports without developer assistance or knowledge of SQL.

Self Service
Self-Service Reports

Add parameters to your SQL queries to create self-service reports for your business users.

Business User View
Business User View

Business users have a streamlined, friendly user interface without access to the query workbench.

Binder Organization
Team & Project Binders

By organizing reports into team or project binders, you can easily control who has access.

Email Reports for Automated Analytics

Working with busy managers and stakeholders? Deliver key metrics with scheduled emails.

Self Service
Visual Report Builder

Choose from a variety of charts to display the data and brand the email with your logo and colors.

Merge Tags
Merge Tags

Customize the text and the data in your reports per recipient, so each user gets a personalized report just for them.

Email Report

Choose time of day and frequency of delivery. Beekeeper will never send an empty email.


All plans include unlimited use of the Beekeeper query workbench.

honeycomb Free Bee

FREE (no credit card required)

2 users
2 reports
1 dashboard
1 email report
10 recipients

honeycomb Hobbyist


5 users
10 reports
5 dashboards
1 email reports
100 recipients

honeycomb Startup


25 users
Unlimited reports
Unlimited dashboards
5 email reports
100 recipients

honeycomb Business


Unlimited users
Unlimited reports
Unlimited dashboards
Unlimited email reports
1 million recipients
Embedding and API access



"Before Beekeeper we had to manually compile reports for investors, customers, and partners. Now the whole process is automated, properly branded, and the reports are higher quality."

– Alec Slocum, CEO


"By facilitating teamwork and data sharing, Beekeeper has increased the productivity of our 8-person data science team by 50%."

– Joe Barneson, VP of Product


"With Beekeeper, our business users have direct access to critical data, and our IT department spends less time writing reports, it's a win-win."

– Eric Martell, CIO


"We bought Beekeeper because it was the best solution for a very specific problem we needed to solve. It will save us a few hours a week for a few employees. Well worth the investment."

– Jonathan Broad, CTO

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