Effortless Reporting for Your Data

Send reports where your customers will see them – their email inbox.

"Before Beekeeper, we tried more traditional BI tools, but found our customers got lost in the data. Beekeeper's unique product allows us to answer our customers' key performance questions in a simplified and automated way."

– Joe Barneson, VP of Product

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Connect Beekeeper to your database. See the databases we support »

Write SQL queries to pull the data you want for your report.

Add your logo and color theme, drag and drop charts, and select your queries to build an email report.

Schedule the recurrence of your report.

Sit back and relax – your report will be automatically sent to your customers' or collaborators' inboxes.


Why Beekeeper Email Reports?

Automating Reports Saves Time & Money

Automating queries and reports saves everyone time – whether business analyst, salesperson, product manager, or developer – allowing your team to focus on what matters most, your product.

Building & Sending Email Reports is a Breeze

Our Visual Report Builder creates attractive, easy to comprehend charts and graphs from your data – no designer needed. Select the best chart for your data, customize for your brand, and preview your beautiful report in no time at all.

Engage Your Customers More Often with Higher Value

Deliver the value of your product conveniently to your customer’s inbox with an email snapshot of the most important aspects of their data. Let your customers focus on the insight your data provides without any hassle, leaving them to focus on other business needs.

Scale Your Customer Base, Effortlessly & Personably

Beekeeper’s mail merge scales effortlessly to your customer base, be it 70 or 700 or 700,000 customers. Provide your customers their curated, personalized data without any workload increase.

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Mighty Maple Seed Coffee and Tea Daily Report

Report Examples

Select an example below to see how Beekeeper email reports are used to share valuable data.

Market Station Email Report healthfinch Email Report Solomo Email Report Order Bee Email Report

Supported Databases

MySQL  |  PostgreSQL  |  Microsoft Access  |  Apache Hive  |  Spark SQL  |  SQL Server  |  Amazon Redshift H2


Visual Report Builder

Craft bar charts, line charts, tables, KPI callouts, and more without a designer. Build a theme to customize and brand your reports, and use our mail merge to customize the text and data by recipient. Before sending, preview easily in-app and send test emails to your own inbox.

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Email Report Builder

Query Workbench

Build and edit queries with no downtime using our best-in-class query editor for any database query language. Our code autocompletion and syntax highlighting makes building queries easy. Even preview your results within the same window.

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Query Workbench

Mail Merge

Customize the text and the data in your reports per recipient, so each user gets a personalized report just for them.

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Mail Merge


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